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Hopi Candle Workshop

 Helps to expand and up date your current knowledge


Helps you to keep your skills up to date


Allows you to offer more services to your clients


This natural non invasive therapy works on the mind as well as the body.  It helps to remove de-hydrated micro organisms and wax build up from the nose and ears.

It can help many conditions associated with the head and face including,  sinus blockages, headaches and hay fever. It has a deeply relaxing  effect on the autonomic nervous system, helping to relieve stress and  tension in the body, which in-turn aids immune response. It also works on the subtle body,  helping to unblock the chakras and promote energy flow.


There is no exam but students need to submit documented evidence of   having treated three people once, as well as completing assigned   homework.


On satisfactory completion of the course you will be presented with   a Certificate in Hopi Candle Treatment from Yorkshire School of Complementary Therapy.

How is the course taught

Theory lesson is in the morning where you will learn about:

  • The history of Hopi Candles
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the eyes and ears
  • How the candles work
  • The benefits of the treatment physically emotionally mentally and spiritually
  • What to expect during and after a treatment
  • The contraindications to the treatment

The afternoon is the practical where students learn by giving and receiving treatment from each other.

Date:                    Friday 1st  June 2018
Time:                   10.00 am to 3.30 pm
Course Tutor:   Pippa James
Cost:                     £140


If you would like to contact us about this course, please get in touch today.

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