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Introduction to Angels

 Helps to expand and up date your current knowledge


Helps you to keep your skills up to date


Allows you to offer more services to your clients

Everyone has a Guardian Angel who is there to protect and guide them, but the angels can only help us if we ask. This workshop will introduce you to your Guardian Angel, and teach you how to communicate more effectively with the Angelic realms. The importance of learning how to ground and protect your energy field is also covered. This is a light fun-filled day, which will inspire and uplift you! 

Course Content

  • Introductions
  • What are Angels?
  • The Aura  & 7 major chakras.
  • Grounding protecting & cleansing the subtle energy field
  • Guided meditation to meet your Guardian Angel.
    Drawing your guardian angel
  • Discussion



  •  Wake up exercise
  • Guardian Angels
  • Angel Cards & Releasing Ceremony
  • Meditation
  • Angel Symbols
  • Angel Wings
    Ground and protect & close the day

Course Tutor: Pippa James
Time:                10.00 to 3.30pm
Cost:                 £55.00
Venue:              York
CPD:                  5 points



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14-15 Canal Basin,
Ripon HG4 1AQ

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