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Makeup course - YSOCTITEC Award In Apply Make-up
QCF Level 2
QAN 600/6536/9

Overview of Course
This course offers industry recognised training   in the art of applying make up for everyday and evening wear, as well as the more specialist areas of bridal and special occasions.

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

    • This course is ideal  for anyone who would like to:-
    • Start a career in professional make up
    • Work freelance specialising in bridal make overs and special occasions like Prom
    • Work in a retail environment selling make up

It is also ideal for  hairdressers, therapists, school leavers, salon receptionists and beauticians who would like to be able to offer their clients make up as an extra part of their services.

How Long Is The Course?

The course is run over two full days, after which students must complete assigned home work and a portfolio of five case studies.  Students must also attend a half day mock exam morning.

How Is The Course Taught?
Visual learning aids and lectures are used to teach the theory side of the course. Students learn the practical by applying make up to each other.

Course Requirements
Students need to bring pens and paper and a file with plastic wallets to put their course notes in. A uniform is also required, which consists of black trousers, flat comfortable dark shoes and a white tunic top. Students also need to purchase a make up kit which is obtained from the course tutor on day.

At the end of the course students sit a thirty five minutes practical exam where make up application techniques as well as client care and standards of hygiene are assessed. There is also a 15 question theory paper  and a mock exam morning.  Students also need to submit documented  photographic evidence of having made up five clients.  This must include 1 day make up 1 evening make up with corrective work, 1 special occasion 1 bridal make up.

On satisfactory completion of the course and exams students are presented with an ITEC Award in Apply Make Up QCF Level 2 QAN 600/6536/9

Governing Bodies
You may apply to join The Complementary Therapist Association CThA

Pre-requisites For The Course
No previous make up experience is required as students will be taught everything from basic. However  a good general education is needed (preferably 5 GCSE’). Entry is at the discretion of the course tutor and life and work experience will be taken into account.

Unit 8

  • Skin analysis
  • Skin preparation, cleansing toning, moisturising, exfoliating
  • Day, evening, bridal and special occasion make up
  • Colour knowledge and colour wheel
  • Working with different face shapes
  • Blending make up
  • Correct application of eye make up
  • Selection of appropriate coloured foundation cream
  • Working with different skin colours
  • Make up correction
  • Contra-indications
  • Health  safety procedures and good standards of  hygiene
  • Consultation techniques
  • Environmental conditions suitable for make up
  • Selection of correct make up and tools
  • Ageing and the skin
  • Diseases of the skin
  • Structure and functions of the skin
  • Aftercare advice

Full course details can be found by clicking here

Cost of Course: £300.00
Exam fee:           £ 85.00
Students must also purchase makeup from the course tutor before the start of course.


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