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Welcome to the YSOCT Reflexology Video Material Page for Spring Term 2018.

Lesson One 

  • Cleansing The Feet[Spider_Single_Video track=”3″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]


Lesson Two

  • Reflexology Foot Massage[Spider_Single_Video track=”4″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″] 

Lesson Three

  • Working the plantar and dorsal chest
  • Working the dorsal and plantar thyroid
  • Working the shoulder
  • Working the upper lymphatics

[Spider_Single_Video track=”5″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]


Lesson Four 

  • Working the head, brain, sinuses and teeth
  • Working the pituitary
  • Working the eyes and ears
  • Working the bronchi and trigemunal nerve[Spider_Single_Video track=”6″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]


Lesson Five

  • Working the spine
  • Working the digestive system[Spider_Single_Video track=”7″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]


Lesson Six

  • Working the bladder, ureter and kidney
  • Working the arm, leg, knee and elbow[Spider_Single_Video track=”8″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]


Lesson Seven

  • Working the pelvic area and sciatic nerve
  • Working the ovaries/testies
  • Working the uterus/prostate
  • Working the buttocks and the pelvis
  • Working the fallopian tube/vas deferens[Spider_Single_Video track=”9″ theme_id=”5″ priority=”1″]