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Zero Strain Massage

One Day Workshop

Save your hands, maintain your health and prolong your practice!

Zero Strain Massage  allows you to give a deeper and more effective treatment to your client without causing repetitive strain to  your own body.   The techniques are applied using  arms and bodyweight, therefore saving your hands and ultimately your health and practice!


This one day course is ideal for Therapists who are experiencing injuries following years of giving massage treatments, or for new therapists who want to increase their massage skills.   You will learn the basic  foundation techniques to be able to provide your clients with deep nurturing massage, whilst working safely and effectively and reducing strain on your hands and wrists.

Reasons To Learn Zero Strain Massage

One of  the main reasons is because it helps to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury, and therefore prolong your practice!

In one survey it was found that 98% of Massage Therapists who massaged 10 or more clients a week and had been massaging for 10 years or more could be suffering from massage-related injuries.

There are few health care professions in which wear-and-tear increases more rapidly than those offering therapeutic massage.  Some of the damage can occur through  poor posture and inappropriate body mechanics. There is also evidence to show that the practice of massage has changed quite radically since it was developed by Per Henrik Ling, and that it is these changes which are also causing injury.

Protecting massage jobs should be the number one concern of all those engaged in the Massage therapy profession, from individual practitioners, to those training future therapists.  Otherwise, what a loss to the profession and all the future clients who would have benefitted from your touch!

 Benefits Of Learning Zero Strain Massage

  •  Longevity of career – you reduce strain on your body, fingers and thumbs by using forearms and the larger muscles to execute the movements.
  • Larger surface area covered – you can even reduce your treatment times as you work with an increased surface area of contact.
  • Deep effortless bodywork – as the forearms are larger you have a stronger base from which to work and as you use your own body weight to lean and move, the work you do on your clients is less demanding and you can work deeper with less fatigue to you, the practitioner.  It also makes working on larger clients easier.
  • Feel-good factor for your clients – when given properly, these techniques feel amazing and so your clients will keep coming back for more.

Course syllabus

  • History and development of zero strain massage techniques.
  • Learning and understanding the correct body posture
  • Health safety and hygiene
  • Preparation of work space &Therapists working attire
  • The time allocation to treatment
  • Contra-indications to treatment
  • The mediums that can be used
  • The physiological and psychological benefits of the massage strokes
  • Reactions to treatment – psychological and psychological and spiritual
  • The Massage techniques used and how to apply them plus Postural Principles
  • Preparation of Self

Accrediting Body
The Complementary Therapist Association (CThA)

Course Tutor: Ruth Eagin
Date: 9th January 2017
Time: 0930 – 4pm
CPD Worth: 5 points
Cost:  £100.00

Contact: 01423 505707

On satisfactory completion of the course students are presented with a Certificate in Zero Strain Massage from Yorkshire School of Complementary Medicine

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Our School

at The Mindfulspace Wellbeing Company,
14-15 Canal Basin,
Ripon HG4 1AQ

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